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Are you a Practioner?

Are you a practioner looking to connect and share referrals? Would you like to collaborate for business and events? Please fill out the form below to connect and expand your community of local holistic and alternative health providers!

Networking Together

Thank you for reaching out! We look forward to collaborating with you!

Dark Earth Energy offers the following:

Event Collaborations

Looking to cross promote your event with a fellow practitioner? Building community is also an important part of building business as an individual. Let's create magic! Potential collabs include yoga workshops, wellness/herbal classes, dance classes, and crafting. 


Meeting a client's needs is my #1 priority. As practitioners, we all have specific fields in which we excel. If you have a service that compliments what I offer, let's connect and see how we can help each other (and our clients) succeed!

Social Media

It's a new era and social media matters! Content creation is an impactful tool for small businesses. Let's see how our platforms can benefit one another for organic growth and engagement.

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