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Holistic Health Consultations


Personalized Wellness Coaching by Margaret Moreno 

Certified clinical herbalist

Certified yoga instructor



Sometimes we need a class, while other times we need a personal guide to help us on a longer journey.  
Your initial consultation includes:

  • 1hr in-person (or zoom) full wellness evaluation

  • 1 month's worth of herbal remedies dropped off or shipped to you (shipping fees may apply)

  • Referrals for alternative services with other skilled practitioners that can enhance your journey with Dark Earth Energy

  • A gift to accompany you on your journey (a stone, jewelry, or extra herbal remedy/oil)

***Follow-ups will be priced according to needs and services***

You will also be given a complete program tailored to your individual health needs both physically and spiritually. This may include:

  • Lifestyle coaching (nutrition, habit forming/changing, manifestation board, journal prompts, schedule management)

  • Personalized yoga flows

  • Crystal healing

  • Aromatherapy

  • Energy healing

  • Tarot reading

  • Dream interpretation

Lastly, I have a network of skilled practitioners ready to take referrals! While I'd love to offer everything under the sun, your health is my #1 priority. If there is a specific service you request or require that I do not currently offer, I am more than willing to refer you and give you the access and contacts you need to build on your experiences and reach optimal wellness beyond our sessions.

Fill out the form below to begin!

Do you need help with wellness on a budget? Email me at for alternative wellness options!


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New Client Form

Please fill out the following form along with the statement of informed consent.

Do you currently have any of the following?

By signing below, I declare that the info I’ve provided is accurate & complete, and understand that the holistic services provided are not professional therapeutic, psychiatric, or medical treatment, nor are they a replacement for the afformentioned services. 

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