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A Story of Dark Earth Energy



Growing up in a family of clairvoyants and tarot readers, magic was a part of every activity from the burning of incense and candles, to growing herbs and vegetables to use and enjoy in the home. It was only natural for Margaret to pursue a career in holistic health and bring her family's traditions to the forefront. As a tarot reader and healer, she infuses this healing energy into every product, using herbs grown in her and her mother's gardens, along with crystals and other products hand picked to help you along your journey at every phase. 

She offers services in herbal consultations, tarot readings, dream interpretation through the tarot, and will host yoga events including Crystal Yoga where you can learn how to incorporate crystals into a yoga practice. No matter where you are on your holistic journey, Dark Earth Energy can provide a service or product to help support your growth transformation. It is a joy to see you grow!

Welcome to the Dark Earth family

The Women of Dark Earth Energy



With a background in yoga, energy healing, and herbalism, Margaret views the tarot as an extension of the natural world. Her decks and interpretations include symbols and elements from mother nature. She also performs energy healing for the body and for the home.



Linda holds a BS in Social Work and has a reputation as the love guru. The tarot can help us navigate the complex fluctuations of emotions we experience throughout life. Empathy and intuition are her greatest assets as a reader.



While our mother doesn't read tarot for the public, she does share another gift- her Art! She is currently working on a collection of children's books as both author and illustrator. Once published, you will be able to find them in our store! 

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