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Welcome to Dark Earth Energy

Balancing Light and Shadow Work

When the sun and moon converge over Earth, there is a moment of perfect balance between the light and darkness. At Dark Earth Energy, we seek to create an eclipse within the soul, as this is where healing begins.

We will balance opportunities to explore, expand, and express the inner light within each of us as while digging deep into shadow work- a deeply planted seed in our story.  

What is "shadow work"? Carl Jung is well known for his philosophy on the repressed part of the subconscious mind we so often deny out of fear or shame. He referred to this as "the shadow". Shadow work is the concept of opening up the subconscious mind, accepting what we find, and beginning the healing process from the depths of the soul.

Just as the stars spin though the vast darkness of space, and the Earth allows life to blossom from deep under the surface, so does the soul cultivate light within the shadow.

This delicate balance during self-exploration allows us to move forward towards a healthier, happier, more easeful life. 


Dark Earth Energy

Grow from your darkest places

Meet your Spirit Guide

Balancing Light & Shadow Work
Margaret Moreno

We are beautiful beings with meaningful experiences from the darkest moments to the happiest memories, to our strongest goals and our deepest values. Holistic health is not holistic without addressing the WHOLE self.


At Dark Earth Energy, I guide you through a journey of the self to discover and embrace who you are, who you were, and reach your fullest potential with your own light shining bright!


I offer a variety of classes in yoga and dance/movement, as well as individualized health consultations that include herbal remedies, energy healing, and lifestyle coaching so that you can emerge from your own shadows and reveal your brightest inner light.

To appease my creative inner child, I also make customized jewelry designs with UV (black light) reactive crystals that serve as a reminder that your light is ever present, even in the dark!

What is Light/Shadow

What is Lightwork/Shadow Work?

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Lightwork and Shadow Work


Practices guided by a healer to help you find joy, purpose, fulfillment, and contentment to live a happier, more easeful life. 

Shadow Work:

The development of self awareness, including parts of ourselves we wish to change, heal, or simply confront so that we can improve our overall lifestyle, health, and relationships. 

My role:

As a healer, my role is to share lifestyle and wellness practices in which I'm skilled with you, so that you can build the awareness it takes to live a more peaceful, blissful life. 

Ways to Experience It

Yoga Asana Classes

  • Popular among those with goals for their external physical body

  • Steadies the mind; improves focus

  • Encourages spiritual exploration

  • Improves awareness of the body, leading to improved awareness of the mind

  • Includes meditation and breathwork (pranayama)

Holistic Consultations

  • Popular among those with specific health concerns that might require herbal remedies and/or lifestyle change

  • Includes an overall wellness assessment

  • Has clear goals and desired outcomes for improving physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health

Alternative Services

I offer some one-time alternative services for quick guidance. These include:

  • tarot readings

  • dream interpretation

  • energy healing

  • customized healing crystal jewelry


Dark Earth Energy offers the following services to help you along your journey. They come with a variety of prices and healing outcomes so there is something for everybody! 

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