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Hand crafted with Family Traditions

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"Dark Earth Energy is all about bringing healing energy into the home. All products are hand crafted and designed with generations of holistic health wisdom and tarot reading practices from my family. With everything from candles to decor, to pieces you can take on the go, these products will help you transform your space with a little magic in every corner!"

-Margaret, founder and youngest daughter


Everyday Magic

For the Home, Garden, and You

Our favorites

From the plants grown in the garden, to scents that drift through our homes, we have the chance to add a little magic to every piece of our day. Here are some family favorites! Where will you add a little magic?

Andrea's Choice!

Our clairvoyant mother loves grounding and connecting with nature through gardening. Crystals attract pollinators with bright colors and shimmer, helping plants thrive. Try them out for yourself and create your own magic garden scenes!

Green Herbs 2
Herb Plants

Linda's Choice!

Linda is known as a "love guru" with the tarot. She hones her gifts as a tarot reader with the help of aromatherapy and crystals, making these crystal candles the perfect fit! "Sacred Place" combines sandalwood and dragon's blood to transform any place into a tranquil space.  

Margaret's Choice!

Margaret began this business by crafting jewelry and pendulums, so her favorite is the Mystery Box! It's her chance to be creative and share with you all everything from candles to accessories, and herbs that she grows and uses. A little bit of magic, directly from her to you!

Green Leaves


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